Developed, tested and implemented in multinational companies and supermarkets across Europe. This
intuitive planogram software is easy to implement, providing outputs close to practice.  

To start using this software you only need your SKU database containing: product names, dimensions,
product photo and category segment using a simple Excel spreadsheet.

The next step is to create your own outlet gondola shelves. Once done, the data helps to automatically
sort and place all the related products into the correct shelf inside the category.  If you add the actual
sales data when creating the planogram, it will allow you to locate and categorize them using ABC scale,
optimizing the products displayed inside the gondola. Also, you can assign the number of SKU faces using
this data.

Managing your supply chain according to your SKU sales and supply , will move you to the next level
optimizing your category space and format.

For Supermarket, C-stores, Drugstores, Dept. Stores suppliers and retailers.

Full features trial version available for free for one month.

Online personal Technical support included 24/7